Carpet Cleaning Products For Pet Stains

How To Find The Best Carpet Cleaning Products For Dog Urine And Other Pet Stains

Pets are a blessing. They can make us better persons, they can enlighten even the darkest days and they can be much closer friends than humans. Nonetheless, things can occasionally get messy in a house full of pets. Even if you only have one dog, you can still experience those pesky urine stains that are so difficult to clean. Moreover, if the dog sniffs the odor, guess what’s going to happen? Yes, you are only going to get more urine stains on the same spot. This is innate to all dogs, so there’s nothing you can do about it.

As a matter of fact, there is a way to save your carpets. You can clean them with special products that have the power to remove all stains and even the slightest odors from the fibers. This is the only way to change your dog’s behavior. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the pain, unless you buy a new carpet each week.

There are many carpet detergents claiming to remove pet stains. Unfortunately, some of them are ineffective, while others remove the stains but destroy the carpet in the process. None of these options is a good one. You need a product that’s gentle to the carpet fibers, but merciless with the stains. Most regular carpet detergents remove food stains quite well, but fail to work when it comes to dog urine. They aren’t formulated to remove it, so you shouldn’t even try them, as you are going to waste money and efforts for nothing.

The best way to find this miracle solution is by asking your friends or colleagues who have pets what they use in such situations. They might know some useful brands, so you could be able to find your dream detergent in as little as two minutes. If your friends reply that they don’t have carpets, you can go ahead and do some research on your own. You can watch TV advertising to see whether you can discover something. However, if you aren’t a big fan of TV watching, you may find this an impossible mission.

You can also do your research online. Once you get a list of products that are available in your area, you should search for reviews published by other users. You have to see what other people believe about each of the products on your list, in order to determine their effectiveness without having to actually buy them. The internet is full of reviews for pretty much each product that comes to mind, so you shouldn’t worry you won’t find what you need. If your products are available on Amazon, you are probably going to find hundreds, if not thousands reviews for each substance and brand. Discussion forums on pet related topics may also be useful. These communities are very useful, as their members are open and willing to help with advice, if they can. They use to open threads about their problems, so you can use the already existing information to search for your answer. If you can’t find anything, you can become a member and ask the question yourself. One of the moderators or the other members are surely going to give you their two cents, and perhaps a very useful advice.

Once you find the product and you sort out your smelly problem, you should try to discover the problem that made your dog choose your carpet to urinate on in the first place. You may ask a vet for advice, as some medical conditions can trigger this behavior in dogs. If the dog is healthy, you should try to understand its motivations for eliminating in the wrong place. Some pets use this method as a revenge for some actions of their owners. If this is your case, no detergent in the world is ever going to help you. You may need to give up your carpets and replace them with ceramic tiles. In addition, you may need to use plastic covers to protect your beds and coaches, as your little furry friend is probably going to discover the pleasure of urinating on them. Dogs are our best friends, but they can also be our biggest problem.