Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

If you would like to clean your own carpet, instead of paying a professional, there are many tips that you can use that have originated from professional carpet cleaners. Although most of the machines that you can rent will get the vast majority of dirt out of your carpet, there are always going to be problematic areas that will be more difficult. Professional carpet cleaners understand the tricks of the trade, and have often shared these strategies with people. Here are a few of the best professional carpet cleaning tips that you can use on your own carpet today.

Blot Don’t Rub

One thing that you will notice with very tough stains that are on your carpet is that they are very difficult to get out without spreading what has spilled. The material has already soaked into specific fibers on your carpet, and you do not want it to spread outward. If you rub paper towels, a sponge, or even a clean cloth with a cleaning solution, you will inevitably make the stain larger. However, if you blot the stain, starting from the outside and moving in, you can remove the stain just as effectively without causing it to expand.

Club Soda Anyone?

A common drink that can be purchased at any supermarket is club soda, known for its ability to thin is. This is a product that is used by professionals when they are dealing with wine that has spilled, especially red wine, and will work with beer stains as well. It is important to mix the club soda with one part vinegar, preferably apple cider vinegar, and one part water. The key is to pour this mixture into the stained area and leave it for 15 minutes, and then blot the area with a sponge. For heavier stains, it may take several treatments to completely eliminate the material from the carpet fibers. The fizzy club soda is the key to agitating the particulate material, or in this case the dark alcoholic beverage, from the carpet fibers into your sponge.

How To Remove Gum

This can be a very difficult process, especially if the gum has been sitting for quite some time. While it is moist, it will bond very strongly to the carpet fibers, and trying to rip it off may actually damage your carpet. A trick that all professional carpet cleaners know is by using ice, you can freeze the gum. This method will work, removing most of the gum from the carpet fibers, with only a minimal amount that will need to be trimmed from the top if it is deeply entwined with the fibers of the carpet.

How To Remove Wax

In contrast to how you will remove gum from carpet fibers, you will not use ice but instead use heat. You will lay a towel over the top of the wax that has fallen onto the carpet, and get out your clothes iron. The secret is to use a paper towel that will be in contact with what will soon be melted wax, with a regular towel over the top which will be in contact with the iron. This should only be applied for a maximum of 30 seconds, or else you could actually burn your carpet, providing enough heat for the wax to melt and bond to the paper towel. It is also recommended that you use only a white paper towel and a white cloth as this will eliminate the possibility of transferring any dye onto the carpet itself.

How To Remove Blood

As most people know, it is virtually impossible to remove blood stains from clothing. It is one of the most difficult substances to remove if it has caused a stain. The same is true for carpets, but there is a secret that many professional carpet cleaners often utilize and that is using hydrogen peroxide. In the same way that the fizzy bubbles of club soda can help remove alcoholic beverage stains, hydrogen peroxide works very well on blood. It is important to first scrape off as much of the dried blood as possible before pouring hydrogen peroxide, and it is also recommended that you use a mild detergent with water to loosened up any of the blood contained within the fibers. The foaming action of the hydrogen peroxide, something that will naturally occur when it comes into contact with blood, will begin to agitate the particulate material right away. It is recommended that you use paper towels to dab or blot at the stain, effectively removing the bloodstain from your carpet.

These are just a few of the trade secrets that professional carpet cleaners like Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville Fl, a carpet cleaning company based out of Jacksonville Florida, will use when traditional detergents and chemicals cannot get out the toughest stains. Whether you are dealing with wax, wine, gum or blood, these strategies should help you restore your carpet to its original state prior to these accidental stains occurring.